A Comfort Comparison: Innova Crysta vs. Tempo Traveller with Maharaja Seats


When planning a trip with friends or family, choosing the right vehicle to accommodate everyone comfortably is crucial. In this article, we will delve into the comparative comfort levels of two popular vehicles: the Innova Crysta and the Tempo Traveller equipped with Maharaja seats. We'll explore their seating capacities, space offerings, and additional features to help you make an informed decision for your next journey.

Seating Capacities

The Innova Crysta is designed as a people carrier and can seat 7 passengers along with the driver, totaling 8 seats. On the other hand, the Tempo Traveller with Maharaja seats can comfortably accommodate 11 passengers and the driver, with 8 individual 1x1 seats and 3 on a spacious sofa bed. If you are traveling in a small group of 4 or 5 people, the Innova Crysta might be the perfect choice, as it provides a cozy environment for a more intimate journey.

Comfort Levels

The Innova Crysta, while suitable for smaller groups, offers a relatively smaller space compared to the Tempo Traveller. However, it's essential to note that the third row of seats in the Innova Crysta might not be as comfortable for three passengers. For shorter trips and limited luggage requirements, the Innova can be a practical and comfortable choice.

On the other hand, the Tempo Traveller with Maharaja seats takes comfort to a whole new level. Its ample space and reclining features make long-distance travel a breeze. Each individual seat comes equipped with AC vents, providing a cool and pleasant environment throughout the journey. The added benefit of charging facilities ensures your devices stay powered and connected, enhancing the overall travel experience.

The pushback feature in the Tempo Traveller is a game-changer, especially during extended journeys. It allows passengers to adjust their seats to their liking, enabling them to relax and alleviate fatigue. With the soothing tunes of the JVG music system filling the air, passengers are in for a delightful and stress-free ride.

Cost-effectiveness and Luggage Space

For large groups, the Tempo Traveller is the more cost-effective option compared to booking multiple cabs. Besides cost-saving, it also offers ample luggage space to accommodate the belongings of all passengers comfortably. The spacious luggage compartment ensures that you won't have to compromise on your essentials, making the journey hassle-free and enjoyable.

Price Considerations

While the Tempo Traveller with Maharaja seats brings a plethora of luxurious features, it's important to consider that it may come at a higher price compared to the Innova Crysta. However, the additional comfort and convenience it offers can make it worth the extra investment, especially for more extended trips or special occasions.


Choosing the right vehicle for your group's journey can significantly impact the overall travel experience. The Innova Crysta is an excellent choice for smaller groups seeking a cozy and economical option, while the Tempo Traveller with Maharaja seats offers unmatched comfort, space, and luxury for larger groups. Weighing the comfort levels, space, and pricing factors, you can now make an informed decision and embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that you've chosen the ideal vehicle for an unforgettable travel experience.