Amarnath Yatra 2024 – Registration, Routes, Helicopter Booking, Dates

Attention All Users: As of now there is no offline registration for Amarnath Yatra 2024!

In today's blog post, we will be providing you with the latest information regarding the important dates for registration, its process, routes, helicopter booking for the Amarnath Yatra.

Important Dates:

Yatra Start Date: 29/Jun/2024

Yatra End Date: 18/Aug/2024


Registration: As of now you can register for Amarnath Yatra 2024 online ONLY. There is no offline registration, but may be once the yatra starts, government may open centres in Jammu to help yatris to get registered themselves in last minute. Will update the information once we hear about them.

Traveling to Amarnath Yatra Base Camp from Jammu.

Depending on what is your start point - Baltal or Chandanwari. You can decide to go with Convoy or Without Convoy.

IMPORTANT - The choice you opted during registration can't be changed. If you have opted for Chandawari during registration, and later you want to start your Yatra from Baltal, that can't be done. You will not be allowed to do that.

1- With Convoy -

If you prefer to embark on the yatra with Convery, your journey will commence from the Bhagwati Nagar base camp. The departure time from Bhagwati Nagar is at 4 AM. On the other hand, if you choose to travel without security, you can begin your journey at 7 AM.

This is much faster way to travel but than it does require you to enter/report the camp before 9pm and you will have to sleep in tents, don't expect too much comfort in there. The security forces manages the camp and they will wake everyone up at 3am, so that convey can leave around 4am. The convey gets the preference over all other traffic and hence goes non-stop, stopping to lunch at langar on the way.

2- Without Convoy

The other options is to go at your own pace. If you are staying at hotel and don't wish to spend night in tents and wake up early, you can opt this option. After the convey has left, with a gap of few hours, regular traffic is allowed to move. But from our experience, we have found that you will not be able to reach Baltal the same day, so if you are planning to get to Baltal the same day, it is preferred you go with Convey.



You can start your Yatra from any of these 2 basecamp - Baltal or Chandanwari (Pahalgam).

Note: starting point should match your registration. You will not be allowed to start yatra from location other than what is mentioned in your registration receipt.

1- Baltal -

The Northern route is 14 km long and shorter. It is steep, hence difficult to climb. It starts at Baltal. The shorter but steeper trek via Baltal, Domial, Barari and Sangam is 14 km long and allows people to take a round trip in 1-2 days. However, ponies are not allowed on this route due to safety reasons. One has to either walk or be carried on 'Dandies' (carried on a seat atop shoulders of other people). This Amarnath Yatra route is considered more favourable for returning back from the shrine than on the way up as steep slope is said to cause serious health problems among un-acclimatised visitors. Young, healthy and people looking for adventure amidst the religious trip happen to take this trek.

2-Chandawari - Pahalgam

The length of the trek varies from 36 to 48 km depending upon the devotion of the pilgrim. The trek usually takes 3-5 days one way. The Amarnath route is much wider than the Baltal trek and slopes gradually. However, one will also find it crowded by ponies for almost the whole of the route. Aged or people with a past history of illnesses are advised to take this yatra route.

The overall organization of the yatra, however, is carried out by Shri Amarnath Yatra trust which provides services like telecommunication, power supply, firewood etc. Mobile phones with postpaid connection from Airtel or BSNL work. Online Helicopter bookings can be made in advance.

Food and Lodging Arrangements

1- Food -

There are several free langar sewa available at both basecamps/starting points of Baltal and Pahalgam. So, one doesn't have to worry about food. However it is still advisable to carry food items like chocolates, biscuits as when trekking these would help.

Important Note: Don't litter, the food packing wrappers should be kept in bags and disposed in dustbins available at basecamps.

2- Lodging/Tents

Lodging at both basecamps/starting points of Baltal and Pahalgam are available both free and paid options are available. Tents are also available near Holy cave. There are 2 options -

1- Lodging by langar sewa - most of the langars also make arrangement for people to start. They provide blankets and mattress to sleep. This is completely FREE

2- Paid Tents - Some of the pony owners also setup they tents but they charge if you want to stay there.

3- BSF Tents - BSF also setup their tents but only available to BSF personnel. So if you know someone in BSF, might be able to get accommodation there.


Helicopter service is available for Yatris from both basecamps. You can book it online.


1- Baltal - Rs 2890/- one side approx

2- Pahalgam - Rs 4710 one side approx


Checklist for Amarnath Yatra 2024

  • Register in advance and decide on your yatra starting point.
  • Carry snacks like biscuit, canned food, dry fruits, chocolate, roasted chana, etc
  • Medicine - Keep basic medication for headache or body ache like paracetamol.
  • Prepare for the yatra by being fit, it's advised to walk everyday for about 4-5km to prepare for the yatra.
  • Do pranayam for improving oxygen efficiency, also practicing breathing exercises and yoga works best.
  • Drinks lots of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Descend immediately if you start having altitude sickness.
  • Under conditions of serious illness, contact the nearest medical fascility that's located at a distance of 2km.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine and avoid smoking.