Update – Amarnath Yatra 2024 – Current Registration Opens

Attention all users who have not registered online and are in need of current registrations for Amarnath Yatra 2024!

Current registrations have opened from 26 June 2024

Steps for Current Amarnath Registrations 2024 -

1- Get token from Saraswati Dham, Railway Station

2- Go to Registration Centres


For users who have not registered online and need to get current registrations done, you can visit two registration centers in Jammu: Vaishnavi Dham and Mahajan Hall Shalamar. While both centers facilitate the registration process, it is important to note that Vaishnavi Dham tends to experience a higher rush. Therefore, it is preferred to visit Mahajan Hall, which is a 30-minute drive away. The registration timings at Mahajan Hall are from 7 AM to 7 PM. Remember to bring a recent photograph and your Aadhaar card, as registration forms will be available at these centers.

Health Certificate Requirement

It is essential to have a valid health certificate for the Amarnath Yatra. If you do not possess a health certificate, don't worry! You can obtain one at Vaishnavi Dham or Mahajan Hall.

Token Allocation and Yatra Registration

Upon completing the initial registration, you will be given a token on the first day. The following day, you will receive your official yatra registration for either the Baltal or Pahalgam route, depending on the allocation process.

Traveling Options

1- With Convey -

If you prefer to embark on the yatra with Convery, your journey will commence from the Bhagwati Nagar base camp. The departure time from Bhagwati Nagar is at 4 AM. On the other hand, if you choose to travel without security, you can begin your journey at 7 AM.

This is much faster way to travel but than it does require you to enter/report the camp before 9pm and you will have to sleep in tents, don't expect too much comfort in there. The security forces manages the camp and they will wake everyone up at 3am, so that convey can leave around 4am. The convey gets the preference over all other traffic and hence goes non-stop, stopping to lunch at langar on the way.

2- Without Convey

The other options is to go at your own pace. If you are staying at hotel and don't wish to spend night in tents and wake up early, you can opt this option. After the convey has left, with a gap of few hours, regular traffic is allowed to move. But from our experience, we have found that you will not be able to reach Baltal the same day, so if you are planning to get to Baltal the same day, it is preferred you go with Convey.

Compulsory RFID Card

Please note that possessing an RFID card is mandatory for participating in the yatra. Make sure to obtain your RFID card during the registration process to ensure a smooth experience.

By following these registration guidelines, you can successfully register for the Amarnath Yatra 2024 and embark on this sacred pilgrimage.

In addition to the registration facilities, it is worth mentioning that health certificates can also be obtained from these centers. Qualified doctors are available on-site to provide the necessary medical examinations and issue health certificates to the yatris. This convenient arrangement ensures that individuals who do not possess a health certificate can obtain one directly at Vaishnavi Dham or Mahajan Hall Shalamar. By having doctors present at these centers, participants can fulfill the health certificate requirement without the need for additional visits or arrangements. This streamlined process adds convenience and efficiency to the overall registration experience, ensuring that all yatris have the necessary documentation to embark on the Amarnath Yatra.