How to guide – To get taxi or cab from Jammu Airport to Patnitop

Planning a trip to the scenic hill station of Patnitop? Chances are you’ll be reaching Jammu via train or flight. Getting from Jammu to Patnitop is straightforward, with several transportation options available, including cabs, taxis, and buses. Embarking on this journey promises not just convenience but also an immersive experience through the picturesque landscapes of the Shivalik range. Understanding the logistics, especially the taxi fares from Jammu to Patnitop, is essential for a smooth trip. This guide will help you navigate your options and ensure a memorable journey.

  • Taxi Options: Different Modes and Their Tentative Costs from Jammu to Patnitop
  • Time and Distance to travel from Jammu to Patnitop

Taxi Options:

Travelers have the flexibility to hire a taxi directly from Jammu or opt for the convenience of pre-booking through a reputable car rental company. It's advisable to check Google reviews before making any reservations to ensure a reliable and satisfactory experience.

Booth Outside the Railway Station/Airport:
Upon arrival at Jammu Railway Station or Airport, you’ll find taxi booths conveniently located outside, offering immediate access to transportation. Fares are fixed by the Taxi Union, and you can choose a vehicle that suits your preferences and requirements. Downside is that you get taxi that has number in queue, you don't get to choose.

Pre-Booked Cabs from Car Rental Companies:
For a more planned and stress-free journey, consider pre-booking a cab through a reputable car rental company. Reviewing feedback on Google before finalising your reservation ensures that the chosen service meets your standards of reliability and customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Options:

  • Dzire (Seats 4): Ideal for smaller groups, the Dzire provides a comfortable and efficient ride for up to four passengers.
  • Ertiga (Seats 6): A good balance and budget friendly for medium-sized groups, the Ertiga provides comfort and ample space for up to six passengers.
  • Innova Crysta (Seats 7): If you're traveling with a larger group, the spacious Innova Crysta offers seating for up to seven passengers, ensuring a roomy and enjoyable journey.

Tentative Cost:

  • Dzire (Seats 4): ₹4500 - Drop or Same Day Return
  • Ertiga (Seats 6): ₹6000 - Drop or Same Day Return
  • Innova Crysta (Seats 7): ₹7500 - Drop or Same Day Return

Whether you choose to engage with local taxi services at the station/airport booth or pre-book through a car rental company, the variety of vehicle options ensures that your transportation aligns with your specific needs. Be it the compact Dzire, the spacious Innova Crysta, or the versatile Ertiga, your choice of taxi sets the tone for a comfortable and tailored travel experience.

Time and Distance:

Once you step out of Jammu, your journey to the serene hill station of Patnitop unfolds amidst captivating landscapes. The distance between Jammu and Patnitop is approximately 110 kilometers. The scenic route, adorned with rolling hills and lush greenery, offers a visual treat for travelers.

The travel time from Jammu to Patnitop varies based on the mode of transportation and prevailing road conditions. If you opt for a taxi, the journey typically takes around 3 to 4 hours, providing ample opportunity to soak in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It's advisable to plan your journey during daylight hours to fully appreciate the scenic delights along the way.

The well-maintained road connecting Jammu to Patnitop ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, making the transition from arrival to your destination a seamless and enjoyable experience. As you traverse this picturesque route, anticipation builds for the tranquil and refreshing experience that awaits you in Patnitop.


Navigating the journey from Jammu to Patnitop is not just about reaching your destination; it's about immersing yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the region. Understanding the taxi fare options ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, setting the stage for the scenic and serene wonders that await you in Patnitop. Travelers can choose between hiring a taxi directly from the station/airport booth or pre-booking through reputable car rental companies, such as Dzire for smaller groups, the spacious Innova Crysta for larger parties, or the versatile Ertiga. Once you step out of Jammu, your adventure to Patnitop unfolds amidst captivating landscapes, with a distance of approximately 110 kilometers and a travel time of 3 to 4 hours, offering ample opportunities to savor the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Safe travels!

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