Guide to Book a Tempo Traveller for Your Holidays in Jammu Kashmir

tempo traveller booking in Jammu

Embarking on a memorable journey to the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir with your loved ones? The idea of renting a Tempo Traveller for your group might be lingering, but the process of booking and selecting the perfect one can be a bit overwhelming. Fear not, as you've landed at the right place. We will guide you different option/types of Tempo Traveller in Jammu available for your Kashmir holidays.

We will list the types of tempo traveller based on seating capacity and fabrication, these 2 things will help you make a decision, as they affect the costing, comfort and experience. Lets begin -

Tempo Traveller types based on seating capacity

Earlier when the roads were narrow in hilly region of Jammu and Kashmir, there were Tempo Traveller with smaller wheel base carrying on 12 passengers, but with better and wider roads, the Transport department of J&K has approved these with different seating capacity and are available for hire in Jammu-

Tempo Traveller 14 seater - 13 + Driver

Tempo Traveller 17 seater - 17 + Driver

Tempo Traveller 20 seater  - 20 + Driver

Tempo Traveller 24 seater - 22 + Driver

Types based on Fabrication

Now if you going on holidays to Jammu, Katra, Srinagar with your family, am sure you will want to have vehicle to be comfortable, good interiors, good air-conditioning (if you travelling in summer) or heater (if you travelling in winter to see snow). The company which manufactures tempo traveller - Force Motors, they manufacture them with very basic looking interiors and ordinary seats. And thus most of the Tempo Traveller Rental providers like Jagat Travels, we get these fabricated outside. There are some in Punjab who do a decent job of fabrication (I call them desi fabrication), then there are like of PKN and Synaty in Rajasthan who make luxurious interiors and completely change the look and feel of the Tempo Traveller. That is why in regions like Delhi and Rajasthan, where there are quite a lot foreign tourists, you will see PKN fabricated Tempo Travellers. So, based on fabrication there are in general 3 types -

1- Factory Fitter/Fabricated

2- Desi Fabrication

3- PKN Fabricated - Oh Yes, they have earned that reputation. People do ask if you have PKN wala tempo 🙂

Note: Synaty a new player, matches the PKN fabrication.

PKN Fabricated – Full Luxury

PKN Fabricated – Semi Luxury

Desi Fabricated


Here also the Tempo Traveller that comes fitter with company Air-Conditioning or Heater are no match to the ones fitted with Air-Conditioning or Heater by PKN or Synaty. Synaty as I know are using JTAC air-conditioning unit (these are used in buses and very reliable), where as PKN assembles and fits its own but it equally good. We at Jagat Travels are a testament to that, as its been almost 3 years since we fabricated our Tempo Traveller from PKN and it is running absolutely great, it will chill you in summers and sweat in winters.

So here, based on air-conditioning and heater there are in 3 types -

1- No Airconditioning.

2- Factory Fitted

3- PKN or Synaty fitted - like I said these will chill you in summers and sweat in winters.


You must be knowing that usually when hiring a cab/taxi for outstation, it is charged by Kms. But in case Tempo Traveller, it is in most cases by days. So, the cab rental company provider will quote you a lumpsum amount based on the number of days of your trip and it includes pretty much everything thing, Tolls, parking, driver etc.

Again like hotels or Airlines the prices vary based on the time/season you are travelling. Costing provide below are just an indication of what a Tempo Traveller in Jammu would cost to hire for let's say 5 or 6 days trip for Srinagar.

Tempo Traveller TypesSeats & bags Price  

Desi Fabricated

12 Seats 6 Bags NON AC


onwards includes tolls, taxes and parking


Desi Fabricated


12 Seats 6 Bags AC


onwards includes tolls, taxes and parking. Due to union, pick up will be done from Satwari


PKN Fabricated

Luxury Tempo

12 Seats 6 Bags AC/Heater


onwards includes tolls, taxes and parking


PKN Fabricated

Semi Luxury

17 Seats 8 Bags AC


onwards includes tolls, taxes and parking