Naming of Houseboats in Kashmir

Stay in Houseboats


Staying Houseboat in Srinagar and having this unique experience, rarely comes again in whole life, if you reside far away from Himalayas. Nestled on Dal Lake’s tranquil waters, these floating accommodations provide a serene retreat amidst picturesque surroundings.

Houseboats exude old-world charm with traditional Kashmiri décor and modern amenities, while Shikaras offer leisurely rides to explore the lake’s beauty.

Do you know that Houseboats also have names according to its design and facility. They are designed beautifully and can be matched with luxurious hotel. The idea of enjoying holiday in Kashmir houseboat, first time arose in the mind of Britishers. So enjoy Shikara rides on the surface of calm and soothing lakes.
Please see the following list of houseboats names along with its features:

  • Firdous  – Comprising of huge 3 double bedrooms & other facilities
  • Kushal  – Comprising of 2 double bedrooms.
  • Nishat  –  Comprising of luxurious 1 double bedroom: Best for honeymooners
  • Kushdil –  Just like Nishat: for newly wed couples
  • Gulshan  – Comprising of 2 double bedrooms: ideal for family vacation
  • Clermont Too – Having 2 double bedrooms maintaining your privacy and comfort

Guests relish authentic Kashmiri cuisine and warm hospitality onboard. The experience is enhanced by stunning views of the Himalayas and vibrant local life passing by.

Immersed in nature’s tranquility, a stay on these iconic vessels promises unforgettable memories of Srinagar’s timeless allure.

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Wishing a happy Kashmir Tour to you and your family.