Chandra Taal : Lake of the Moon in the Himalayas

Chandratal Lake Trek


For a nature lover, it is almost impossible to miss the natural splendor of Himachal Pradesh. Every year, this state of India attracts a lot of visitors to its scenic locales. Tourists coming here never have a dull moment. You would love to pay visit to the monasteries, shrines and forts bearing an imprint of the historical and cultural heritage of the state. The gorgeous valleys, springs, wildlife destinations, mountains, lakes and waterfalls will also mesmerize you for sure. A much cherished target for tourists coming here are the fabulous lakes. Out of the numerous lakes of Himachal Pradesh, Chandra Tal Lake is one which has caught the attention of many tourists.

The trek to Chandratal the ” Moon Lake” is almost like going to the moon. You almost feel like the first explorers going to a new place for the first time. The landscape and the scenery change ever so quickly with each sighting bettering the one before. This is till you reach the lake! The world comes to a stand still here. Staring at you is this turquoise crescent of water surrounded by the Chandrabhaga & Mulkila Massifs. The lake seems to hypnotise you with its various hues and is like a nymph left alone in this great Himalayan setting of towering mountains.
Chandra Tal Lake is situated at a height of 4300 m and 6 km away from the Kunzum Pass in Lahaul & Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Boasting of a circumference of about 2.5 km, the deep blue-water of Chandra Tal Lake is the source of the Chandra river.
According to legend, this lake is the location from where god Indra’s chariot picked up Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers. In other words, Yudhishthira’s journey to heaven in his mortal appearance began from Chandra Tal Lake. As a result, this lake is a revered one and draws a large number of devotees. Many domestic and international travelers also come to this place.

The lake is accessible on foot only for few months in a year, from May to August. A vast meadows, is the camping site on the banks of the enchanting lake. During springtime, it is carpeted with hundreds of kinds of wild flowers.
A clear stream of water flows out of the lake. During the day, the lake appears prussian blue in color, and a greenish tinge appears towards the evening. The lake is situated on a plateau (Samudra Tapu) overlooking the Chandra River which originates from a glacier near Bara-lacha-la.
So, prepare yourself for a tour to Himachal Pradesh as soon as possible. Ensure to drop by Chandra Tal Lake. You would definitely be in love with the experience of coming here.

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